Unity Mobile Game - Overview

History of the mobile game plot

The mobile game's premise is a train that travels through the Cornucopias metaverse, delivering freshly picked ears of corn from the farms to the processing plants, ready to be turned into biofuels and other natural products.
The railroad was built, and is managed by the Corn BioFuels Inc. (CBF), whose factories specialize in turning the COPI corn (the highest grade of corn available), into the cleanest burning fuel used by the flying vehicles within the Cornucopias metaverse.
Flying vehicles such as the Bubblejett Sprinters and GTi Javelins gain an extra 20% performance boost in the mobile game if they use the secretive COPI Corn biofuel recipe created by CBF.
A questionable rival company to CBF known as the Corn Universal Petroleum Technology Inc. (CorUPT), also produces biofuel from corn, but their product is far inferior.

The Old Guard

The only viable means to transport the corn is via the COPI Rail Network, but the journey is often a treacherous one. The precious corn cargo is accompanied by members of the Old Guard who are the law enforcement officers within the Cornucopias metaverse.
With the huge growth in population, the Old Guard are vastly outnumbered, and law and order -often struggles to keep up.

The Railway Workers

Workers that built the COPI Rail Network needed to set up temporary base camps to live as they were working. Some of these settlements have since turned into towns where the saloons are often filled with drunken workers. Frequent fights occur in towns that are full of gamblers - greed and corruption between workers, businessmen and outlaws is everywhere.
The railroad transports every type of goods such as corn, livestock and gold. The trains are also used by the rich and poor to move freely among territories, and there is even a prison onboard to move outlaws when jails overflow.
As the railroad expanded over time, so did the workforce, and more and more good fellows joined the Old Guard to help police towns and railroads. Guns for hire enter towns, but they don’t always stay on the right side of the law as the temptation to stray is everywhere.

Temptation and Corruption

For the tempted, the railroad is too much of an opportunity to steal corn for their own gain. The black market demand for COPI Corn has reached an all-time high. Crooked businessmen look for cheaper ways to source corn and supply it to the CorUPT Inc. factories who always throw a blind eye to their supply chain - this only encourages more and more train looting.
Until law and order can be established, it is up to you to accompany the Old Guard on trains on their daily journeys, and should any trouble occur, you can summon your fellow Cornucopians to help defend the train to save as much of the corn as you can.
While you defend the train carriages from the front, others will rescue the spilled COPI Corn on foot and load it into the flying vehicles for the great escape.
The larger the escape vehicle, the more corn that can be saved! The CBF Factories are aware of the problem and they offer rewards to all and huge bounties for their best defenders.
“Esperanza is full of COPI Corn pioneers but the Old Guard need your help in the fight against the growing number of outlaws. Come join the fight and be rewarded whilst you help keep the Cornucopias metaverse a safe and prosperous place for all.”