NFT - Character Clothing

NFT Character clothing are items that a player can collect or equip for aesthetic purposes. Clothing categories include head, torso, bottoms, shoes, accessories and backpacks.

Users can showcase their unique assets as wearable items that are visible to other players.

Cross Chain Character Clothing

Users have the opportunity to showcase their NFT's to other players using Cross Chain Technology; allowing players to print NFTs stored in their wallet onto virtual clothing items. For example, a player with a Mythic Bubblejett Sprinter OG NFT will have the ability to create a t-shirt with an image of the same Mythic Bubblejett Sprinter OG.

Cross Chain Compatibility

Cornucopias is blockchain agnostic - this means players can showcase NFTs from various blockchains including Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, Immutable-X, Tezos, etc. without the need to convert them, as Cornucopias can read the various wallets.

COPI Leaks

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