Business Model

Our gaming ecosystem seamlessly integrates with various blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, and Cardano, offering a rich open-world gaming experience. Alongside engaging gameplay, the platform boasts features like node hosting, staking, as well as building, crafting, and educational activities. Players can own land and other NFT-based assets, trading them directly with others within the game. Furthermore, both creators and players are empowered to craft and trade NFTs within the game or on external marketplaces, enhancing the interactive and economic layers of our virtual world.

For mainstream gamers who may not already possess a web3 wallet, the platform ensures an accessible and seamless entry. During the onboarding process, an automatically generated wallet will be created for each user, enabling the straightforward use of fiat currency to purchase $COPI through a third-party app. This inclusive approach allows any player to participate, removing the barrier of needing to learn or understand web3 concepts.

The platform will charge a fee to create and trade your NFTs with other players.

Our ecosystem frequently releases limited NFTs, directing a share of revenue and service fees back to creators and players through the replenishment of the Reward Pool. Revenue streams also generated from game content and land sales. Players can earn $COPI and in-game currency by reaching certain achievements in the game. Within this ecosystem, $COPI is utilized for all transactions and for distributing rewards, facilitating a straightforward process and motivating participation.

The platform will charge a fee to purchase marketplace items.

Our in-house NFT marketplace serves as a comprehensive hub for auctions, direct purchases, and fixed-price sales of NFTs, catering to a wide array of categories including collectibles, wearables, game assets, and utility NFTs. Importantly, it's the go-to destination for acquiring all in-game items and land assets. From time to time, special NFT drops will be introduced as part of the game rewards. All transactions for game related items within the marketplace are exclusively conducted in $COPI.

The platform will charge a fee for each transaction performed by the users. The platform will generate revenue from NFT royalties. A portion of this revenue will be allocated to buybacks from the primary DEX and replenishing the reward pool.

The platform will provide advertisers with the opportunity to access in-game advertisements that can be paid for in $COPI or fiat currency. A portion of the revenue generated will be allocated to buybacks (from the primary DEX) and liquidity provision, while the remaining portion will support Cornucopias operations.

The platform will charge for in-game advertisements. A portion of the revenue from advertisements and node license sales is allocated towards buyback and liquidity efforts.

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