COPIWiki was created to share the inner and ongoing work of Cornucopiasโ€‹. It is a living document, which means it will be updated regularly. The COPIWiki was launched on 19th May 2022 and the initial version contained 186 pages of information.

The COPIWiki has its own Product Owner and took over 6 months to plan, build, validate and update.

Some of the key thoughts behind creating the COPIWiki are as follows. It should

  • be used as an easy entry point to the game for newcomers

  • be used with onboarding of new staff

  • be a source of truth directly from the team that is building the game

  • be a living document that would evolve over time

  • be the perfect place for influencers and other content creators to gather information without having barriers

  • to be accessible on all devices

  • to show status updates on the project builds

  • to show more than just gameplay, but an entire overview of the company

  • to have factual information alongside gameplay such as Blockchain NFT Policy IDs

  • to have a living history, warts-and-all of the builds and decisions we make

  • to show the 7 year roadmap in all its glory

  • to be the most detailed Whitepaper ever builtโ€‹

NOTE: as the COPIWiki is a living document, it will most likely contain a few errors here and there (Disclaimer). If you spot any errors, there is a thread within the Cornucopias Discord you can report the error and help us to maintain the COPIWiki.

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