Episode 91 - Solace Revealed

In COPICafe Episode 91 titled "Solace Revealed", the hosts Josh Jones and Rob Greig discuss the advancements in their open world MMO project, Cornucopias.

The hosts share their excitement about the episode's content, which includes a discussion on the SPO, an announcement on nodes, a leak about the game's landscapes, and community questions.

The creators discuss the requirements for turning a private pool into a public pool.

They mention the progress on the Avatar Creator feature and the environmental planning for the game Solace.

The speakers also discuss the natural environment, land ownership, and exploration in Solace, as well as the advantages of owning a mount. The land rush event, where players can explore and claim plots, is also discussed, with the length of the prospecting period still undecided. Overall, the creators express their excitement for the upcoming features and encourage viewers to watch in high quality for the best experience.

  • 00:00:00 In this section the hosts discuss the upcoming features of the open-world MMO game, Cornucopias. The hosts share their excitement about the episode's content, which includes a discussion on the SPO (Stake Pool Offering), an announcement on nodes, a leak with David, and community questions.

  • 00:05:00 In this section the creators discuss the reasons for not announcing the exact amount of tokens for their pool and the potential issue of oversaturation. They explain that the market volatility of $COPI and Ada makes it difficult to predict the outcome, and they want to be transparent with their audience. They also mention that if the pool becomes oversaturated, they will not open another pool, and rewards will diminish for participants. The creators then announce an increase in rewards from 105% to 115% on the $COPI side. They also discuss their progress on nodes, revealing that they will distribute NFT licenses on July 1 2024 and allow users to run their own node pool servers or subscribe to a low-cost service for non-technical users. Users will be able to delegate their nodes to public pools or have them automatically delegated. The creators plan to release a detailed roadmap within the next few days.

  • 00:10:00 In this section the speakers discuss the requirements for turning a private pool into a public pool and becoming a public pool operator. To do so, one needs a minimum of eight node NFT licenses, which can be managed through the Cornucopias player account. Each node license requires 3,000 COPI tokens, with a maximum of 15,000 COPI tokens needed to keep the node license active. Public pool operators provide a service to non-technically inclined individuals and earn additional rewards. The network is decentralized, and there is ongoing fine-tuning. The interface will be easy to use, and the goal is to provide a quality onboarding experience for end-users. Details about rewards before and after July 1 will be covered in an upcoming deck.

  • 00:15:00 In this section the topic shifts to an update on the Avatar Creator feature. The creator confirms that the Fedora hat will not be included in the next update, but beards and possibly glasses will be. The complexity of adding glasses is mentioned as being more challenging due to the interconnected sliders and morphs. The team is proud of the progress made on the Avatar Creator, which is on par with other mainstream games, and they have announced the five community-chosen celebrity lookalikes for voting. The video then transitions to a big leak about the game's landscapes in Solace 2 and 3, which have been hand-crafted by the internal artists.

  • 00:20:00 In this section the speaker discusses the environmental planning for Solace. The team studies geology and YouTube videos to create realistic environments. Solace will include various special areas and was based on places such as Colorado, Utah, and Northern California. The team is excited about determining the number and location of these special areas. The game's map, which is a sphere with a diameter of 8 kilometers, will excite players and encourage exploration, unlike other games with more dead space. The speaker appreciates the sense of getting lost in the wilderness and the realistic aspect of not always knowing where you are.

  • 00:25:00 In this section the speaker discusses the natural environment and features of the game, including trails, canyons, and land plots. They mention the presence of wildlife and the potential for communities to work together to build amenities like bridges. The speaker also highlights there will be few loading screens and talks about the raw, natural state of the game, which is still in development with the base art pass almost complete. They express a preference for a more natural and open environment, with the addition of animals, resources, and NPCs to make the large explorable area more interesting over time.

  • 00:30:00 In this section the speaker discusses the various aspects of land ownership and exploration in the game. Players can find plots in rural areas, which may be closer to resources like mines but further from town centers and basic amenities. The game features multiple domes, and players enter them from beneath and choose an entrance point. During the land rush, players use public transportation to travel between domes and sectors. Once in a sector, players can choose from 12 elevators to reach different towns, and there is also a train system running beneath the ground for inter-town travel.

  • 00:35:00 In this section the speaker discusses the advantages of owning a mount in Solace, and shares their excitement for the new cinematics and formations revealed. They also mention the upcoming "Consensus build", which will include updates to racing and leaderboards, and speculate about the next build. The speaker also talks about the land rush build, where players will have the opportunity to explore and select properties in Solace One, Two, and Three, and emphasizes the importance of visiting the different towns and plots before the land rush to make informed decisions.

  • 00:40:00 In this section the speakers discuss various aspects of the upcoming land rush event in Solace. During the land rush, players can explore vast wilderness areas to find and claim their desired plots. Prospecting, which allows players to explore and decide where they want to be, will be available both in-game and on the main website. The length of the prospecting period is still undecided. Town centers, which offer access to surface stations, shops, and crafting tables, are expected to be points of interest for players. Some may prefer to be close to a town, while others, like the speaker, prefer to be as far away from civilization as possible. The land rush is focused on wilderness and plot selection, with towns and their amenities to be developed later. Overall, the speakers express excitement for the upcoming event and encourage viewers to watch in high quality for the best experience.

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