NFT - Custom Domes

Custom Domes are the largest form of NFT Land in Cornucopias and they are owned by players. Using an advanced building system they can be molded in virtually anything.

The domes have a pre-determined circular layout and have five variations of size. The domes are empty upon purchase, and can be built on using provided templates.

A snapshot of 0.4655 @ 1800UTC on 25th August 2022 was used in calculating the price of the NFTs in ADA (โ‚ณ).

NFT - Custom Domes

SizeMax SupplyMint PriceMint Date

Small Dome

2,520 supply

โ‚ณ472 ($220)

28th August 2022โ€‹

Medium Dome

1,600 supply

โ‚ณ859 ($400)

28th August 2022โ€‹โ€‹

Large Dome

1,040 supply

โ‚ณ1,396 ($650)

27th August 2022โ€‹

Epic Dome

560 supply

โ‚ณ3,222 ($1,500)

27th August 2022โ€‹

Copias Dome

280 supply

โ‚ณ5,370 ($2,500)

26th August 2022โ€‹

Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplaceโ€‹โ€‹

Secondary Market

The Policy ID for all rarities of the Custom Domes is: โ€‹9cce4bbd9f6e06ef9d67b95ad8511532b4569d290d1575fcbac48732

Each Custom Dome will come with future Staking Rewards.

NFT Sale Summary

The NFT Sales were an incredible success with the Cornucopias in-house built NFT technology standing up to the huge demand, here are some of the headlines

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