NPC - Abigale Nelson

Non Player Character (NPC)

Abigale was the second character built by the Cornucopias team, and was revealed to the world on November 22nd 2021 in a carnival mini game.

In a follow-up video the same day, Abigale was spotted by Farmer Joe with her trusty steed Clyde the horse running through the desert plains in the second revealed themed zone, working title: Wild West (renamed later to Esperanza).

The in-house art team had more resources and they built 100s of new assets. The art style was taking place and the fan base grew (14k) within Discord and on Twitter.

Cornucopias Metaverse Game: Adventures with Joe - Part 1

The metaverse introductory video (shown below) took over a month to build and started with a cinematic view of the old Home Bubble that evolved into Sector Hubs. All our videos are built using Unreal Engine and use actual game play or in-game assets that will be used in the actual PC desktop game or mobile games.

The video continues, following Farmer Joe into his house and looking at his NFT wall-mounted picture before entering his home elevator and descending to his garage to give a first look at the first ever NFT that we released - the Bubblejett Sprinter.

Farmer Joe took off in his Sprinter and gave a first glimpse of how traveling from your home bubble to a themed zone would occur.

On arrival in the huge themed zone, the mood of the video changed as Farmer Joe ascended into a vast western environment. We then see Farmer Joe witness Abigale riding Clyde with her string of horses (future mounts), riding at full speed towards a canyon and then somehow managing to leap over the 100ft drop and wink to the amazement of Farmer Joe.

Another musical mood change hinted at gameplay crafting, and gold mining along with foreshadowing PVP paint balling - which would actually take place in the player owned Custom Domes.

The video ends with Farmer Joe and Abigale traveling together back to the themed zone Esperanza - (internal name "Life on the Farm") - again foreshadowing multi-player Bubblejett Sprinter gameplay.

A truly ambitious and remarkable video for such a small and newly built team of artists and developers.

Dev Short

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Concept Ideas and Early Art Work for Abigale

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