Crafting is a core gameplay element in Cornucopias and is the process of creating items. By combining resources which have been gathered and processed, the player can craft something of intrinsically more value than the resources themselves.


Players will gather raw resources from the Themed Zones by using tools to interact with resource points, i.e. a tree or a rock. This initiates a skill-based mini-game which must be completed in order to acquire the resource.

For example; axes to chop trees, pickaxes to mine ore, and hoes to harvest crops.


Raw resources must be processed in order to be used for crafting. Players take the raw resources to workshops and interact with the relevant work station, which then initiates a skill-based mini-game in order to craft the item.

For example; sawmill to cut logs, furnace to smelt ore, and kitchen to cook crops.


Crafting is a combining of the elements to finalize the process. Processed resources are taken to relevant crafting workshops, which initiates a skill-based mini-game that must be completed in order to acquire the item.

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