District - Land Plots

DISCLAIMER: The following information is still under development and may be changed, updated or removed before the game launches.

District Land Maps

Every Sector is subdivided into multiple Districts. Districts encompass Player-Owned and Non-Player buildings such as; houses, merchants, workshops, farms, and other utility buildings.

Utility NFTs are unique digital assets that provide in-game practical application

Each District will have its own community, made up of the Players who populate the Land. Player communities will vary; some with thriving inter-player economies and vibrant community spirit! Others may be lacking prosperity, but this is just another opportunity for a new entrepreneur to capitalize on the Land and Resources available in all Cornucopias Districts.

4x Districts are planned per Sector however this may change before the game is released.

Buildings can be placed on NFT Land Plots. Each building will have in-game utility, this means they provide in-game practical ap

Each Themed Zone contain multiple Sectors, each with unique features from diverse landscapes to exclusive Resources. These are simply miniature worlds for players to explore, socialize, quest, craft and trade.

Within Sectors, Players are able to gather a breadth of Raw Resources. To do so, Players are required to engage in various activities:

  • Mining

  • Fishing

  • Foraging

  • Forestry

These Raw Resources can then be used for Crafting. This is the process of combining resources to create an item with more value than its intrinsic parts.

District Land Plots


Each District will contain the following:

  • Small Land Plots

  • Medium Land Plots​

  • Large Land Plots​

  • Epic Land Plots​

  • Copias Land Plots​

For the first 3 released Themed Zones; Solace, Esperanza and Fortune there are 24,000 land plots made up of the following quantities and rarities.

  • 10,800 x Small Land Plots

  • 6,480 x Medium Land Plots

  • 4,320 x Large Land Plots

  • 2,160 x Epic Land Plots

  • 240 x Copias Land Plots


Each of the Player-Owned NFT Land Plots has a rarity assigned to it. Each rarity has benefits for the land owner and may have benefits to the players that enter/work on that land plot.

  • There are 12,000 x Common Land Plots split across the zones (50%)

  • There are 6,000 x Uncommon Land Plots​ split across the zones (25%)

  • There are 3,600 x Rare Land Plots​ split across the zones (15%)

  • There are 1,800 x Legendary Land Plots​ split across the zones (7.5%)

  • There are 600 x Mythic Land Plots​ split across the zones (2.5%)

The land plots are NFTs and are owned by players. The land plot rarity may also have an impact on some elements of the land, for example the rarity determines what raw materials are found on the land at the start of each season.

In the future NFT Land Plot Holders will be asked to choose a location for their land plot from a map. This event will be known as a "land grab" and will allow all land plot NFT holders to choose a land plot from a number of Sectors and Districts.​ The "land grab" will be on a first come, first served basis.

It is possible a District could be comprised of Mythic only land plots or Common only land plots, or a mixture of all 5 rarities. The land rarity arrangement is decentralized and is hard to predict. The following summary shows the rarity quantity for the land plots for the first 3x Themed Zones that will be launched.

Public Testing of Cornucopias

The Rarity of the NFT owned Themed Land plays a very important part of the early public testing of Cornucopias.

As the game is slowly rolled out for public testing, groups of people will be offered the chance to download early preview versions and participate in the testing process.

The test groups will be grouped based on the rarity of the land in the following order:

  • Mythic Land Plot holders of any size of Themed Zone Land NFT will be able to test first

  • Legendary Land Plot holders of any size will be asked to join in the testing 2nd

  • Rare Land Plot holders of any size will be asked to join in the testing 3rd

  • Uncommon Land Plot holders of any size will be asked to join in the testing 4th

  • Common Land Plot holders of any size will be asked to join in the testing 5th

As more groups are asked to join the testing, the existing groups will be able to continue their testing.

The time between the groups being able to test will likely be different, for example there may be 2 months between Mythic and Legendary testers and then maybe 1 month between Legendary and Rare and so on.

Public testing is very important to the game. The Themed Zones are huge and it will require organized groups of people to test them properly.

It is also important not to be flooded with early bugs which is why the rarity method works well as there are less people in the Mythic groups than the Rare for example.

Testers will not need any prior testing experience and we hope it will be an enjoyable process and we will have a team of people ready to help train the testers and show them how to report bugs and provide feedback.

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