Custom Dome Template - Global Expo Events

Template for a Player owned Custom Domes that can be customized

A player-owned custom dome will have the option to be turned into a global expo event venue, complete with multiple stages and activity areas. Custom domes have the capacity to allow for many simultaneous players, through the use of Size Your Event technology.

The entire location can be customized by the player-owner or by utilizing the Community Built Asset Marketplace. Virtual expos are growing in popularity due to the lower cost of entry and the almost limitless possibilities to customize the event. Users can have separate spaces for key notes or private VIP zones.

With the use of a Green Screen or a Custom Avatar with Motion Capture, the key speakers could virtually come alive on stage. A live stream or recorded set could be being projected at the same time on multiple 200ft screens.

In addition, there are options to sell tickets and/or merchandise for an event and even Rent out your Space.

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