Valley Raceworx

Valley Raceworx is a fictional Vehicle Manufacturer in the Cornucopias Metaverse

Valley Raceworx is a vehicle manufacturer in the Cornucopias metaverse.

Design Philosophy:

Tracktoys. Aerodynamic designs. Stripped back interiors. High speed.

Available models:


Valley Raceworx (VRX) is a significant entity in the world of Cornucopias, shaping the future of racing with its innovative approach. From the daring drivers to the skilled engineers and technicians, VRX represents a blend of power and precision. VRX was founded in 1988 by the renowned racer, Jules Canon. Today, VRX is globally recognized as a high-performance brand with a rich heritage and a dedicated fan base. The company continues to manufacture some of the world’s most sought-after sports vehicles, combining advanced technology, elegant design, and thrilling performance.

Jules Canon, born in 1962 in the province of Solace, was known for his fearlessness and determination. His passion for flying vehicles and engineering was evident from a young age. At 14, he attended his first race, which ignited his passion for the sport. In 1979, Canon’s passion led him to Calido Valley, the pinnacle of racing sports. Here, he started his racing career and quickly proved his talent, becoming the youngest Calido Valley Grand Prix winner in 1981.

In 1988, at the age of 26, Jules Canon founded Valley Raceworx. The team initially focused on A-Class Racing, and Canon began designing and building his own race vehicles. In 1989, the VRX 'T1' was released. This vehicle, with its minimalist design, carbon fiber construction, innovative central driving position, and impressive performance, became an instant legend and is still used on the track today.

The team quickly gained recognition for its technical expertise, innovative design, and relentless pursuit of victory. Canon himself continued to prove his prowess as a driver, earning numerous accolades and victories on the track, establishing himself as a true icon of the sport.

Tragically, Canon lost his life in 1992 while testing an A-Class flying vehicle at the Goldstone Circuit on Canon’s private dome. He was just 30 years old. Despite his untimely passing, his legacy and vision lived on through the Valley Raceworx team. The team rallied together, determined to honor their founder’s legacy and continue his pursuit of excellence.

VRX Racing became one of the most successful teams in Calido Valley’s history, winning multiple Championships and establishing itself as a powerhouse in racing. As Valley Raceworx grew and evolved, the company began to adapt and expand its product line. In 2023, VRX released the 'T3'. With its sleek lines, powerful engine, and high-performance features, the vehicle became an instant classic.

Jules Canon’s passion for racing and his commitment to innovation and excellence laid the foundation for VRX’s enduring success as both a vehicle manufacturer and a CRL team. His name remains synonymous with the spirit of racing and the pursuit of engineering excellence that defines the VRX brand.

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