Bubblejett Sprinter OG Custom 2022

An exclusive NFT given FREE to OG members of the Cornucopias Discord, part of the Flying Vehicle Series
The Bubblejett Sprinter is a flying car that is used to travel from your Home Bubble to the Themed Zones or the City. It can also be used for racing!
The OG Edition was created for early supporters who joined the Cornucopias Discord and was given to them for FREE (a small transaction fee to mint and send was required; this was less than 1 ADA).
The OG role is awarded to members of the community that have shown their support through helping others, being respectful and kind, and having genuine conversations in chat with fellow community members.
The OG role is still open to all to obtain, to find out more visit Discord and go to the #how-to-become-og thread.
The OGs will grow in proportion to the overall community, so it is considered "open". OGs are the first responders when we are looking to test anything internally or need support on heavy traffic days.
Don't do these things... if you want to become an OG
  1. 1.
    Spam chat.
  2. 2.
    Provide inaccurate information.
  3. 3.
    Bad mouth the project or team members.
  4. 4.
    Ask to become an OG.
Maximum Supply: 800
Minted: 11th April 2022
Mint Price: FREE - (apart from < 1 ADA to cover transaction fees)
Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplace - SOLD EXCLUSIVELY to Cornucopias Discord members with the OG role - sold over a 2 week period​.

Secondary Market
Policy ID: a4badea66770768b02ff7b9674d445f13016ce901804f45844e00ebd​​

Colors and Rarities

  • Gremlin Green - Common (45% rarity)
  • Sky Blue - Uncommon (27% rarity)
  • Racing Yellow - Rare (18% rarity)
  • Clean White - Legendary (9% rarity)
  • Midnight Black - Mythic (1% rarity)


The Bubblejett Sprinter OG Edition has the following utility within Cornucopias
  • It is a flying vehicle and is used to travel from your home bubble to themed zones and/or city.
  • It can be used for racing in a Mega Dome.
  • You will be able to rent your NFT to other players to play or race with.
  • You will be able to stake your NFT.
  • It looks great in your garage and you will be able to show it off to your friends when they visit your home bubble.
  • As an NFT, it will form part of your Cornucopias NFT collection.
  • You own the NFT asset and will be able to sell or trade it.

The 2022 Bubblejett Sprinter OG Range

Gremlin Green 2022 Bubblejett Sprinter OG - Common - only 360 in existence
Sky Blue 2022 Bubblejett Sprinter OG - Uncommon - only 216 in existence
Racing Yellow 2022 Bubblejett Sprinter OG - Rare - only 144 in existence
Clean White 2022 Bubblejett Sprinter OG - Legendary - only 72 in existence
Midnight Black 2022 Bubblejett Sprinter OG - Mythic - only 8 in existence

COPI Leaks

All Bubblejett Sprinters have down lights