NFT - Bobblehead Series

Farmer Joe - Holiday 2022

The Bobblehead series of NFTs are a fun addition to the Cornucopias NFT set.

They will be able to be placed on some of the flying vehicles that have a large dashboard. They will also be able to be placed within your Home Bubble.

This was the first NFT sale for Cornucopias that used the Cornucopias $COPI as a form of payment and heralds a major leap forward in the Utility of the $COPI token.

A snapshot of ADA (โ‚ณ) = $0.3123 and Cornucopias $COPI = $0.01773 @ 1500UTC on 12th December 2022โ€‹ was noted - the price was not used in calculating the price of the NFTs in ADA (โ‚ณ) or $COPI.

Bobblehead Series - Farmer Joe - Holiday 2022

Maximum Supply: 12,000

Minted: Monday 12th December 2022

Mint Price: 5 ADA (โ‚ณ) + 1 $COPI ($1.3)

or Mint Price 2: 7 ADA (โ‚ณ) ($1.8)

Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplaceโ€‹โ€‹

Secondary Market

The Policy ID for all rarities of the Bobblehead Series is: b024c9cbca03eb9ab49330b69ecd18a7619fcf39f3c34bd783ea360f

Colors and Rarities

  • Red - Common (50% rarity)

  • Green - Uncommon (25% rarity)

  • Blue - Rare (15% rarity)

  • Silver - Legendary (7.5% rarity)

  • Gold - Mythic (2.5% rarity)


The Bobbleheads have the following utility within Cornucopias

  • It is an ornamental item that can be placed on the dashboard of flying vehicles with compatible dashboards e.g. Bubblejett Sprinter.

  • It looks great placed on a table in your Sector Hub Home.

  • Acts as a Tier 1 access pass to future Bobblehead mints.

  • As an NFT, it will form part of your Cornucopias NFT collection.

  • You own the NFT asset and will be able to sell or trade it.

Bobblehead Series - Farmer Joe - Holiday 2022 Range

Red - Common - only 6,000 in existence

Green - Uncommon - only 3,000 in existence

Blue - Rare - only 1,800 in existence

Silver - Legendary - only 900 in existence

Gold - Mythic - only 300 in existence

NFT Sale Summary

The NFT Mint was a sell out over 4 tiered sales within a few hours.

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