Property Rentals - Hotels

Hotels can be NFTs or in-game assets

Hotels come in different types and sizes as follows and can be crafted/placed onto a player-owned NFT land plot:

  • Small (smallest)

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Epic

  • Copias (largest)

A hotel is an NFT building that can be added to player owned land plots and provides the land owner with additional rooms to rent (potential revenue). It also gives the renter a temporary place to spawn and unlocks additional play options within the local district.

Rental Benefits

If a player rents a room in a Hotel they have the following benefits:

  • The player can rest in the hotel and gain health and stamina benefits.

  • The player can participate in district challenges.

  • The player may receive discounts from the land owners shops/utilities.


Hotels require maintenance and repairs over time. The rate may be dependent on the size and the number of days the hotel has been active. See Building Maintenance for more details.

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