BASE Chain

Base Chain is an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain network developed by Coinbase. It is designed to improve scalability, performance, and interoperability while reducing transaction costs and settlement time on the Ethereum network. As a decentralized platform, Base supports a wide range of dApps and smart contracts.

Transaction processing

Base's off-chain processing model works to significantly reduce costs and the load on Ethereum's mainnet. This is achieved through "rollups," where multiple transactions are bundled together into a single batch. This batch is then submitted to the L1 for validation, reducing the number of on-chain interactions while maintaining the security and immutability provided by Ethereum.

How Cornucopias uses the Base Chain

  • Cornucopias will mint NFTs on the Base Chain.

  • $COPI Token is available to buy/sell/trade on the Base Chain using CEXs and DEXs.

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