Land Plot - Farming

District - Farms

All Farms are NFT District Land which enable players to grow and harvest crops. They are located in Districts on player land.

To have a working Farm the land owner needs to build up their facilities to a minimum level before the land can be farmed and other players can be invited to tend the land. The more facilities a landowner has on their property, the more attractive to other players their property becomes, as they will be able to offer services/raw goods that other competing farms may not yet offer. These services can be leveled up to increase productivity and crop yield.

It is the land owners decision whether their facilities will be used by other players. Allowing other players to help tend their land will bring the land owner additional rewards that they could not achieve by farming alone.

Players can either trade their crops on a peer-to-peer basis or list items onto the market. This would mean their items could be purchased at any time, even when the farmer is not online.

To become a Farm a Player-owned Land Plot requires the following example minimum infrastructure:

You can add other buildings to the land plot if there is a space for it.​

Perimeter Fence

The perimeter fence defines the boundaries of the land.

Farming Land

The section of land on a farm dedicated to the growing of crops. This appears as plots of dirt in the ground, but it can be tended to enable players to plant seeds, nurture them and harvest their crops.

The Barn

Crops can be stored in the inventory, mount or barns. The advantage of having a barn would allow you to supply a much larger amount of crops. However, this storage is limited to purely crops. No other items can be stored inside this.

Power Supply

At least one power supply is required to operate a farm and other buildings on the land.

The Well

The source of water for all farming endeavors, crops will require water to ensure they grow efficiently and the player will require tools to gather and use the water.

Land Plots

Each Land Plot is a Progressive NFT and the location will be initially claimed by the players who own the Land Plot NFTs.

Each Land Plot comes in one of 5 different sizes and one of 5 different rarities - see District Land Plots.

The Land Plots are divided virtually into equal sections which allows for buildings and crops to be added and placed in a uniform manner (imagine a grid layout).

There is a finite amount of sections available for soil on each land plot with the larger plots having more "soil slots".

The Rarity of the land plot determines the art style of the land plot. For example a Common Farmhouse will look a little different to a Mythic Farmhouse.

Soil Grade

The players will be able to grow and harvest crops on their land by planting seeds within the soil.

There are 5 grades of soil playable, with 1 being normal to 5 being the best. All land plots will start with a soil grade of 1.

The soil grade quality can be increased using fertilizer if it is less than the maximum soil grade of 5.

Each crop will have a (base) number of growth cycles which represents the time the crop takes from being planted to being ready to harvest. Each growth cycle represents 24 hours in the real-world. However, time in the Cornucopias Metaverse runs different to the real world and so we are representing growth in cycles to avoid any time confusions.

You can upgrade the soil grade of a land plot throughout the seasons if it is less than the maximum soil grade of 5.

If the crop is not watered regularly it will take longer to grow or even worse it may die. Sprinklers can be used to automatically water crops.

The grade of the soil may influence the growth speed of some crops. The base level for each crop represents the length of time it takes a crop to grow if planted on a farm with a soil grade of 1. If the soil grade is higher the crop may grow quicker as follows:

  • Soil Grade 1 - the crop may grow at the same rate as stated by the crops base level.

  • Soil Grade 2 - the crop may grow faster than the crops at Soil Grade 1.

  • Soil Grade 3 - the crop may grow faster than the crops at Soil Grade 2.

  • Soil Grade 4 - the crop may grow faster than the crops at Soil Grade 3.

  • Soil Grade 5 - the crop may grow faster than the crops at Soil Grade 4.

The grade of the soil may deteriorate over time if it is not maintained.

Some rarer crops will only be able to be grown on higher grades of soil.

There will be crops that can be grown every season and some that are only capable of being grown in 1 or more seasons. These will be clearly explained in the crop details page which will be added to the COPIWiki.

Harvest Quantity

The quantity of the Harvest may be determined by how the crop was nurtured and how the crop was harvested.

Harvest Skill

During harvesting of crops the player may have to use their skill to determine the success of the crop harvest. More skilled players may be able to achieve more rewards or crops based on how they perform in the harvest skill task. Different crops may require different player harvesting skills.

Details of the harvest mechanics will be made available and some should be ready for the MVP version of farming within Cornucopias.

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