Corn Points

A channel in the Cornucopias Discord

Updates to the the NFT Minting Technology

The Valley Racework T3 mint introduced an update to our minting platform that benefits the Active and Long Term Supporters of Cornucopias.

Over the previous months leading up to the mint, members in Discord collected FREE Virtual Daily Corn Points.

Collecting Daily Corn points is FREE and easy. Simply go to the Cornucopias Discord and find the daily-corn-claim channel. From here type /daily everyday to receive a random amount of Corn Points.

For the T3 mint, Discord members were able to spend 2,750 Corn Points on buying a Tier 1 access to the T3 mint or 750 Corn Points to buy Tier 3 access.

We are Inclusive and want to be Fair to Everyone which is a very hard thing to achieve.

24 Hour Minting Window

The 24 Hour - Tier 1 minting window guaranteed a minting place for all who bought the whale pass, and it ensured people from around the world could mint their NFT at a time that suited them. No longer did anyone have to sty up until 2am to mint (although some did just for the experience - haha crazy!!)

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