COPI Game Node

When a player plays the PC version of Cornucopias they always need to join the Cornucopias network - this is done via an Unreal Engine Server Instance.

During gameplay the player may join and disconnect from many COPI Game Nodes - for example, when joining a mini-game, the player will connect to the COPI Game Node that the mini-game is being played on before rejoining the main COPI Game Node they were on before.

The coordination of the node servers is done using the COPI Data Node.

Cornucopias uses COPI Data Nodes and COPI Game Nodes for many functions.

COPI Game Node Rewards

COPI Game Nodes require an NFT license to run. This establishes the player as a COPI Game Node operator and allows their PC to participate in Cornucopias decentralization.

In return for hosting a COPI Game Node, players will be rewarded with $COPI tokens and/or other rewards. Rewards will be based on the up-time and the performance of the COPI Game Node.

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