Land Plot - Influence Sphere

Be safe out there!

The Influence Sphere game mechanic may not be implemented on launch day of Cornucopias.

Influence Sphere - also known as a "Safe Zone"

Every District Land Plot will incorporate an Influence Sphere; an area in the game which limits harm happening to the players and/or buildings.

However, once the player steps outside the Influence Spheres "safe zone", many dangers may await them including:

  • Player v Player attacks.

  • Animal v Player attacks.

  • General Harm to the Player.

Any community buildings outside of the Influence Sphere are also open to damage by nature and other elements.

Influence Spheres are accessible to all players. Every player will have a good level of protection when inside the "safe zone" of any District, whether they are part of that Districts Community or not.​

It is advised, that if the player does not want to be involved in any conflict to stay within the safety of the Influence Sphere. There will be a clear indication on the players screen when they are in a "safe zone" or not.

Staying in an Influence Sphere is easier said than done though, because there are more adventures and rewards to be had by exploring the wider maps of each Themed Zone Sectors.

Fortune could favor the brave. Rarer fish, ore and other raw materials could be awaiting.

Seasons - Influence Sphere

During the season as the players work the land plots, an Influence Sphere begins to grow around each plot.

Through team work, the Influence Sphere of many land plots can be incrementally expanded over a season and will automatically join together to form a larger District Influence Sphere.

The Influence Sphere for each land plot may reset back to 0% at the start of each season.

How to Expand a Districts Influence Sphere

As the players work their land the district score increases and so does the size of the Influence Sphere. Here is a list of some of the ways a district "safe zone" expands, (but not limited to).

  • Players craft, construct, maintain and upgrade buildings and assets on land plots.

  • Players farm and become active on land plots.

  • District population increases by renting out rooms within properties.

  • District productivity increases as more raw materials are grown/nurtured/crafted.

  • District player tasks are completed.

  • Trade increases in the district.

The Influence Sphere starts at 0% of its maximum size each season and increases as activity on the land accelerates. Once the Influence Sphere of a district reaches 100% it will remain that size until the end of the season.

The Influence Sphere of some land plots may change at the beginning of each season depending how evolved the land is.

Some land plot Influence Spheres will merge together as they become larger and the "safe zones" overlap.

The larger the Influence Sphere, the more chance random items appear that can be foraged safely and the more activity a district may attract. This should encourage District v District leaderboard scores and may influence which districts players may want to be a member of.

Places of Interest

There will be Places of Interest on the map that are outside of the player-owned land plots that players will want to explore, but may have some danger attached to them.

For example there may be a fishing spot that is just on the outside of a land plot, while fishing here, the player may be attacked by another player or wildlife.

During the season, an Influence Sphere may grow and protect the fishing spot. This now allows players to fish there with very little risk to their health. This makes for a really interesting gameplay such as:

  • a player may choose to own a land plot near a place of interest or with utility nearby.

  • a player may choose to rent a property on a land plot near a place of interest.

  • the location of a land plot to utility and how quickly an Influence Sphere may grow each season could be a factor in land plot ownership or rental choice.

The Influence Sphere for each land plot resets at the start of each season

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