Cornucopias is an ever-expanding metaverse with new NFTs being developed every week. In-game items will be bought and sold on our marketplace.

Policy ID

Each NFT set has a unique Policy ID.

Visit the individual NFTs to see the Policy ID.

Rarities Formatting

The table below shares the rarity and distribution method

Good to know: The current NFT design has a Rarity Status and a Color Band at the bottom, this is what is referred to in the chart below.

  1. Common [White / #FFFFFF] - Accounts for 45% of all NFT batches.

  2. Uncommon [Green / #99CC00] - Accounts for 27% of all NFT batches.

  3. Rare [Blue / #00CCFF] -Accounts for 18% of all NFT batches.

  4. Legendary [Pink / #FF00FF] - Accounts for 9% of all NFT batches.

  5. Mythic [Orange / #DF9326] - Accounts for 1% of all NFT batches.

Note: The color of the NFT asset can be anything; only the Color Band is being described here. See examples below

Example 1 - Rare NFT

The diagram below shows the text RARE and the blue band

Example 2 - Common NFT

The diagram below shows the text COMMON and the white band

Fair Minting Distribution

The maximum number of NFTs for each mint that has rarities is always divisible by 100 and the items are pre-ordered to ensure a fair distribution.

Unless otherwise stated, the steps for ensuring rarity minting distribution work as follows:

  1. A list of 100 NFT items is created in a batch using the rarity chart below. i.e. The list of 100x NFTs has 45x Common, 27x Uncommon, 18x Rare, 9x Legendary and 1x Mythic NFT.

  2. The list is then scrambled and added to a master list.

  3. Step 1 is repeated until the maximum number of NFTs have been added to the master list.

The above process should ensure that if the mint was stopped or paused part way through, the best effort would have been made to maintain the rarity distribution.

Minting Distribution and Testing Notes:

  • Using the above process,it is highly unlikely that more than 10x Common NFTs are minted in a row.

  • It is possible to have 2x Mythic NFTs minted one after another, but this has never been reproduced during testing. For this to happen, the randomization process would have had to place the only Mythic from 1 batch into position 100 and then place the only Mythic from the next batch at position 1. Theoretically possible but extremely rare.

  • It is impossible to have 3 Mythic NFTs minted in a row.

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