GTi Javelin 2022

A FREE NFT launched on 15th March 2022, given to all Cornucopians that were part of the mint queue, part of the Flying Vehicle Series

The GTi Javelin is a flying vehicle that is used to travel from the Sector Hub to the Themed Zones or the City. It can also be used for racing and is a Racing Class B vehicle.

The price of ADA (₳) was $0.8038 on 15th March 2022.

Maximum Supply: 9,000 Increased to 12,400

Minted: Tuesday March 15, 2022

Mint Price: 95 ADA (₳) ($77) FREE to all who enter the mint queue

Delivery Method: via Derp Birds - only 5 were sold before the mint was stopped

When the mint failed we decided to increase the supply to include everyone in the queue and the GTi Javelin NFT was given to the community for free - a gift worth $1m.

Derp Birds who managed the mint were generous enough to pay for the minting costs.

Secondary Market

Policy ID: 086849cd9f672e731e0d9590a2d28a6a690ffa2f73bae0e1970f0491

Colors and Rarities

See also Rarity and Fair Distribution

  • Common (45% rarity)

    • Color: Sapphire Blue

    • Paint: Metallic

    • Interior: Shiny Black Leather

    • Trim: Chrome Metal

  • Uncommon (27% rarity)

    • Color: Arctic White

    • Paint: Metallic

    • Interior: Shiny Black Leather

    • Trim: Chrome Metal

  • Rare (18% rarity)

    • Color: Rollercoaster Red

    • Paint: Metallic

    • Interior: Shiny Black Leather

    • Trim: Chrome Metal

  • Legendary (9% rarity)

    • Color: Olive Drab

    • Paint: Matte

    • Interior: Tan Leather

    • Trim: Brushed Aluminum Metal

  • Mythic (1% rarity)

    • Color: Stealth Black

    • Paint: Matte

    • Interior: Matte Black Leather

    • Trim: Black Chrome Metal


The GTi Javelin has the following utility within Cornucopias

  • It is a flying vehicle and is used to travel from your home bubble to the themed zones and/or city.

  • It can be used for racing in a Mega Dome.

  • You will be able to rent your NFT to other players to play or race with.

  • You will be able to stake your NFT.

  • It looks great in your garage and you will be able to show it off to your friends when they visit you.

  • As an NFT, it will form part of your Cornucopias NFT collection.

  • You own the NFT asset and will be able to sell or trade it.

The 2022 GTi Javelin Range

Sapphire Blue 2022 GTi Javelin - Common - only 5,580 in existence

Arctic White 2022 GTi Javelin - Uncommon - only 3,348 in existence

Rollercoaster Red 2022 GTi Javelin - Rare - only 2,232 in existence

Olive Drab 2022 GTi Javelin - Legendary - only 1,116 in existence

Stealth Black 2022 GTi Javelin - Mythic - only 124 in existence

Transparency Note: A perfect 100 (based on the 100% rarity) were reserved for the team and marketing and were distributed randomly. Only 1 Mythic (which represented the 1% rarity) as expected was in this group.

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