Cross-chain Layer 2 Provider

On 31st May 2023 we announced our partnership with Dega. An interview with Carlos Renen the CEO of Dega can be seen in COPICafe Episode 53 (Part 1).

What is DEGA?

DEGA is a Web3 game developer ecosystem of powerful protocols, developer tools, and gamification services that focus on ease of use through AI-assisted chat interfaces, familiar developer APIs, and web applications. DEGA allows creatives to focus on experiences while DEGA handles the complexities of Web3 technology infrastructure.

DEGA’s vision is to empower billions of people to project their creativity into the digital economy. Every single day they work tirelessly to build open software tools and experiences to enable creatives to participate in the world of Web3 using the most innovative technologies available.

DEGA focuses on combining blazingly fast transaction speeds, reliability, and ease of integration to successfully launch and scale blockchain games and metaverse in minutes, not years, from a flexible and low-cost technology platform.

Read more about the Partnership in the article on our Blog below..

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