Smart TV

Connecting to the Cornucopias Metaverse via your internet connected Television

A Smart TV is a traditional television set that has the ability to be connected to the internet and allows for connected services such as the ability to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos.

There are already a lot of TV smart apps from the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense and TCL that allow you to play games via your set top box.

Some TV manufacturers already have versions of their operating systems running on SmartTVs, and Google Play and Apple App Store have a limited number of games available to install and play.

NOTE: SmartTVs of the future have the potential to revolutionize home gaming. Game streaming services may eventually replace the need for a home console or PC.

We believe SmartTV apps will have a key part to play in the future of gaming, which is why we have in on our sights on our roadmap.

Thoughts: Although we suspect high end gaming on PCs and consoles will be around for at least another decade, SmartTVs will have similar if not the same games as mobile devices in the next few years.

This section will be expanded over time as we introduce Smart TV functionality into Cornucopias.

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