COPIC Stake Pool

Within the first 48 hours after launch, the COPIC Stake Pool had gained the support of over 200 delegates and over 4M ADA had been staked. โ€‹Thank you all so much for supporting our project.

The COPIC Stake Pool rewards delegates with $COPI and NOT ADA rewards. All proceeds from the COPI Stake Pool go towards supporting the development of Cornucopias.

Ticker Name: COPIC

Stake Pool Node ID: 0836ac65915682ad8c7c138a61f354e31711f92f1b53442cd4a89b0b

Live Since: Wednesday 1st May 2024

Pledge: 10,000 ADA (provided by Cornucopias)

Margin: 99.9%

Fixed Cost: 170 ADA

The COPIC Stake Pool requires a number of servers to run and is maintained by the Cornucopias Team.โ€‹

How is the COPIC Stake Pool performing?

To see a real-time picture of how the COPIC Stake Pool is performing in terms of stake, number of delegates and blocks produced, the following sites are very useful:

More information on the parameters mentioned above and what is involved in running a Cardano Stake Pool can be found here.โ€‹

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