Land Plot - Property Rentals

All the district residential properties are plots of NFT Land owned by players. These land plots come in set locations and have variations of size in order to form a curated layout within a district.

District land plots are sold individually to players giving them ownership of the land. The owner of the land plot can choose to build a residential property in the form of a house.

The level of the district house determines how many residents that property can house and can be upgraded to increase the number of tenants. Other players now have the choice to rent the property. This is done on a season per season basis and is managed with the use of a Seasonal Tenant Key NFT.

Sleeping in residential houses allows players to save their location.

Upgrading District Residential Property

Players who own district property can upgrade their house, using in-game currency or $COPI to increase its size and residential capacity.

Each property can be upgraded to increase the number of tenants that are permitted within that property. This also has the effect of increasing the potential population of the district. Upgrading the level of the house also changes the appearance of the property.

Rooms/beds within the following player owned properties can be rented to other players within the game:

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