Custom Dome - Game Templates - PVP

Template for a Player owned Custom Domes that can be customized

There will be a growing list of game templates for you to choose from for your player owned custom dome. The games could be in the form of:

  • Standalone single player game

  • Player vs player arenas

  • Custom game

The custom dome owner will be able to choose the style of the environment and buildings/assets that will form the game. A set of free assets will be constantly updated and it will also be possible to purchase additional assets from the Community Built Asset Marketplace.

Users will not have to code their servers or custom domes.

A Play-and-Earn (P+E) API will enable players to earn rewards for playing and will be able to charge a fee for playing and set the winning pay-outs.

We have capacity to allow for many simultaneous players - see Size Your Event to find our more and don't forget about selling tickets and merchandise!

Further more, there will be the opportunity in the future to use your own token as rewards.

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