Themed Zones

The Cornucopias Metaverse will be comprised of twelve unique Themed Zones. A Themed Zone is a system of Sectors. The Sectors encompass vast landscapes with their own unique style and backstory housed in immense floating Domes.

Players can travel to the Themed Zones through the Cloud Gates.

Users can Play-and-Earn by engaging in various mini-games, where they are rewarded with in-game currency, rewards or $COPI.

Furthermore, players can Build-and-Earn by developing skills to harness resources and craft valuable items.

Of the twelve themed zones that will be built, three have been announced and available to play when the game first launches:

Originally the plan was for 10 Sectors per Themed Zone (hence the image above), once we upgraded to UE5 it was clear we may be able to build less Sectors and achieve the same desired goal for player owned NFT Lands.

Having less Sectors per Themed Zone means less development time, which improves delivery times.

We are always testing and the current plan is to try and have 3 Sectors per Themed Zone - this may increase again as build, planning and testing continues.

Land Utility and Rewards

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