$1m NFT Giveaway

Minting Issues

After nearly 3 hours of backend problems, the mint for the GTi Javelin was halted, only 5x GTi Javelins were actually minted. They were immediately listed by their new owners on jpg.store marketplace showing the buyers were crypto speculators, not supporters of the project that wanted to keep hold of the NFT assets. However, the Famous 5 will always be remembered, they are:

  • Javelin CM22 #00141 - Common Status

  • Javelin RA22 #00190 - Rare Status

  • Javelin CM22 #00126 - Common Status

  • Javelin CM22 #00144 - Common Status

  • Javelin CM22 #00121 - Common Status

$1m NFT Giveaway after the Mint was canceled

After nearly 3 hours we decided to cancel the mint and give away the GTi Javelin NFTs for free to everyone that was in the mint queue. We also refunded the Famous 5 so be fair to them as well.

Here are some articles and social media updates we have released.

Extract from the LinkedIn account of CEO Rob Greig:

"The community is the heart and soul of a blockchain project. If you have ever spent any time in our Discord, you will see we have a thriving, happy, helpful set of supporters.

But it's not good enough to just "care" about your community; you also have to "take care" of your community.

We recognize our supporters are global, and during mint times, some people take time off work or get up early or stay glued to screens.

If you truly want to understand your supporters, you must also recognize the sacrifices people go through to follow you.

This is why it was a difficult call to stop our mint after a few hours. It was an easy decision to give away the precious NFTs we had painstakingly created for our game as compensation for our unforeseen technical difficulties.

Strong decisions form strong communities, and we put our community's well-being ahead of sales."

Article from COPI Watch

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