Mega Dome - Calido Valley

Calido Valley is the flagship location for the Cornucopias Racing League: The premiere organization for flying car racing. Housed in a Megadome located on the ‘Outer-rim’ of Cornucopias, Calido Valley features a multitude of exciting racetracks, and an entertainment complex making it a popular recreational destination for thrill seekers and casual vacationers alike.

There will eventually be 5x Racing Tracks in Calido Valley, 2x are available now during pre-alpha public testing


In the world of Cornucopias, Calido Valley is a significant landmark. This esteemed racing complex, owned by the Cornucopias Racing League, serves as a hub for racing enthusiasts and competitors alike. The Calido Valley Raceway, established in 1969 by a visionary named Max Lachance, has since become the epicenter of the Cornucopias Racing League, the most prestigious racing organization known to the world.

Max Lachance & Calido Valley Raceway

Max Lachance, born in Texas in 1928, was a pioneer in the field of flying vehicles. His fascination with these machines, particularly the Bubblejett Prima, led him to the Texas Institute of Aviation and Technology. His expertise with G-Cores, the heart of these flying machines, was exceptional. However, his true passion lay in racing. Despite the inherent risks, Lachance was drawn to the unregulated world of Canyon Racing. His skill and daringness in these races earned him a reputation across the Midwest, and his performances became a major draw for spectators. After graduation, Lachance used his winnings to establish Full Speed Repair, a mechanic’s shop in San Francisco that catered to the racing community.

However, Lachance was not content with the status quo. Concerned about the safety of his fellow racers, he became an advocate for regulation in the sport. His efforts led to the G-Core Safety and Protection Act, which significantly shaped the racing industry. His influence extended beyond the racing tracks, reaching the legislative halls where he helped to shape the future of the sport.

In 1966, Lachance’s journey brought him to the abandoned sector called Calido Valley. Back then Calido was a scrap heap, used only to offload junk. But despite its desolate state, Lachance saw potential in the rugged landscape. He envisioned a place where the thrill of racing could be enjoyed without compromising safety. After years of hard work, the Calido Valley was transformed into a functional sector, the central venue for the Cornucopias Racing League.

The inaugural race of the league was a landmark event, with Lachance himself being the first to test the newly constructed track. This marked the beginning of a new era in racing, and the legacy of Max Lachance continues to this day. Racers from all over the world compete at the Calido Valley Raceway, striving to win the prestigious Lachance Cup in honor of the man who revolutionized the sport.

Max Lachance’s influence is still felt in every race, a testament to his enduring impact on the sport. His legacy is not only in the racing tracks of Calido Valley but also in the safety regulations that protect racers worldwide. His passion for racing and his commitment to safety have left an indelible mark on the world of Cornucopias, shaping the future of the sport for generations to come.

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Dev Shorts

An Unreal Engine 4 version of the Calido Valley Raceway was shown at cNFTCon 2022 where many people had a chance to race around the largest track. This has now been upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.

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