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Visions and Values

The Vision

The Cornucopias vision is to bring freedom, power, autonomy, and new economics to the player. The emergence of blockchain technology enables Cornucopias to combine real world commerce with an immersive gaming experience which empowers players to Play-and-Earn, Build-and-Earn, Host-and-Earn and Learn-and-Earn.

The Values


Hard work, dedication, and endeavor will be rewarded.

Equal Opportunity

Cryptocurrency is centered around decentralization and creating a financial level playing field. The metaverse reflects this concept that everyone has the same chance to excel.


Anyone and everyone, regardless of economic background, social class, gender or race can achieve and succeed.

Creativity and Innovation

Encouraging players to carve their own path; Play-and-Earn, Build-and-Earn, Host-and-Earn, Learn-and-Earn.


The game has Community at its heart. The economy and self-governing ecosystem are interlinked and sustained by a collaboration of players.
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