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Game Launcher

Interact with your NFTs like never before

The First Cardano Blockchain Desktop NFT Wallet App

The Game Launcher (previously known as the Desktop Launcher) is the first Microsoft Windows Cardano blockchain application with advanced NFT support. It helps users locate and start Cornucopias-related computer programs and media.
Once installed it will be available as an icon on the user's desktop PC or laptop and will be the starting point for the adventure into the Cornucopias metaverse.
The Launcher aims to close the gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers by making the blockchain layer almost invisible. It will also educate newcomers to the new world of Play-to-Earn gaming.
A screen from an early Working Prototype of the Desktop Launcher​ (the prototype for the Launcher)
The Launcher is more than just a shortcut. It will offer the following when development is completed:
  • Library
    • allows users to start various versions of the Cornucopias PC Game e.g. demo versions, Alpha/Beta previews, etc.
    • even more game options will be added - a desktop version of the P+E mobile game may become available.
  • Build - NFT creation Build-and-Earn and other game tools will be built and integrated.
  • Learn - integrated Learn-and-Earn learning information and options.
  • Stake - integrated Stake-and-Earn staking information and options.
  • Marketplace - a built-in marketplace to; view, buy/sell Cornucopias NFTs/merchandise etc. also links to other 3rd party marketplaces.
  • Media - will show all kinds of media to watch and download, including YouTube videos, trailers, desktop background images, how-to videos/articles etc.
  • NFT Wallet - an advanced integrated 100% Cardano NFT wallet.
  • News - Cornucopias news and event notices.
  • Nodes - integrated Host-and-Earn node options and dashboard.
  • Social Media - links to all the official Cornucopias channels.

Advanced Cardano Wallet

The Launcher will have a fully compatible Cardano wallet. The wallet is capable of the following features:
  • Connect an existing Cardano wallet to a Cornucopias account so the game will be able to recognize, authorize and integrate NFTs;
    • Compatible wallets will be announced as dApp connectors become integrated.
    • There are two known desktop dApps we are working with and are under construction.
  • Restore an existing Cardano wallet using your saved mnemonics *
  • Create a new Cardano-based wallet address using mnemonics (100% Cardano) - users are able to restore the wallet with existing Cardano wallets, e.g. GeroWallet, NAMI, Eternl (cc vault), Daedalus etc. *
  • View and interact with NFTs in a familiar environment, search, sort, expand, watch videos, follow links, view statistics, interact with 3D objects. *
  • Users can purchase NFTs and sign transactions directly from the launcher. *
  • Create and Mint NFTs directly from the launcher. *
  • One stop shop for Latest News and updates on Cornucopias.
  • During development, the Launcher will be able to switch from the Cardano Tesnet to the Cardano Mainnet. *
* future development update
The entire Cornucopias Game Architecture interconnects with each other in some way via various APIs.
dApp - A decentralized application (dapp) is an application built on a decentralized network that has blockchain connectivity and a frontend user interface.

Ethereum/Binance/Other Wallets

Other wallets will be available to connect via dApps such as Metamask in the future, only Cardano-based wallets will be compatible for the launch edition.


The Launcher will have security as its number one priority and the code will be independently tested and audited before launch.


The Launcher works in the background alongside the Unreal Engine game to provide services such as blockchain functionality, server connectivity, and other API interactions that are better suited to be developed within a desktop application than a games engine.
The Launcher will be updated and will grow into an invaluable piece of critical Cornucopias infrastructure.
The Launcher is also capable of hosting and serving decentralized Host-and-Earn Cornucopias nodes.
Initial versions will be available on Windows devices only, but we will be creating other operating system versions as the team expands.