NPC - The Old Guard (OG)

Discord Active Role and Non Player Character (NPC)

OG Definitions

The Old Guard has a number of definitions within Cornucopias, but they all share the same values.

OG Values: helpful community member, reliable and gives consistent advice and support.

The Old Guard - Discord Role

Like most projects, the early arrival of supporters are known as the OGs. The early OGs were defined as joining the Cornucopias discord before October 13, 2021. They were the original members that had been with Cornucopias since the beginning.

However, it was clear internally, the role had to evolve, and so slowly "bots" were removed and we are adding more community members regularly. The new OG members are chosen from the existing non-OG community members that are classed as being extraordinarily helpful to newcomers and have consistent activity.

Although the OG role is given within the Cornucopias Discord, it is also given as recognition for contributions outside of Discord such as:

  • YouTube channel with regular content about Cornucopias

  • Telegram channel with regular content about Cornucopias

  • Instagram channel with regular content about Cornucopias

  • Twitter channel with regular content about Cornucopias

  • Other channels with regular content about Cornucopias

Producing regular content that has a positive impact towards the Cornucopias project is encouraged. Positive does not mean "being biased", and content that is fair is more than acceptable. If Cornucopias has issues judge us fairly and balance it with the positive actions we do as well.

The Old Guard - In-Game Role

The Old Guard in the Cornucopias metaverse are represented by a number of NPCs.

In the mobile game, the old guard are the law enforcement officers within the Cornucopias metaverse, and they help to keep law and order in the metaverse.

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