Cornucopias Land

The Cornucopias game world encompasses an expansive system of floating islands, carved from the Earth below, now levitating amidst the clouds, and encased in technologically advanced protective shields known as โ€˜Domesโ€™. Not all floating islands are the same, and each is a different size and has distinct characteristics.

Players travel between 'Domes' using a network of flying vehicle routes that utilize the sky. Flying Vehicles come in the form of personal NFTs owned by players or public transportation vehicles that are free to use.

Private floating islands can be owned by users as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the form of the Custom Domes. Sectors are vast public Domes, but within them, players can own NFT District Land Plots which they have the power to build upon and develop.


A Sector is a vast island, levitating amidst the clouds, and encased in an advanced protective shield known as a Dome. There are copious Sectors across Cornucopias and each is carved from a different part of Earth. Each has unique landscape features, characteristics, and backstory.

Within Sectors, life thrives and players live, work, socialize, and adventure. Here, players can find NFT Land Plots: a parcel of land owned and controlled by a player. These plots come in five sizes, each size incrementally increasing the value and utility. Collections of NFT Land Plots are player-owned communities and are known as Districts.


A Zone is a collection of Sectors, unified by the geographical location from which the landscape is carved.

The City

The City is a vast settlement house in an immense floating dome, split into districts. Each district will have its own unique theme with huge landscapes filled with skyscrapers, stadiums and parks for players to engage. Player-owned properties will come in the form of NFT Land and will be used for commerce or residential needs. There is a great opportunity for businesses to set up a commercial footprint in Cornucopias.

Custom Domes

The Custom Domes are NFT player-owned floating islands that are great in size. The Domes serve as venues for games and other player-built and hosted events. Custom Domes come in five sizes, incrementally increasing in value.

Custom Dome NFT holders design their own Custom Dome environments and build content using a combination of templates and land-building tools. This can include race tracks, fortresses, music stadiums, and much more.

Mega Domes

Mega Domes are a lot larger than Custom Domes, some are smaller than a Themed Zone Sector and some are bigger. The Mega Domes serve as venues for eSports and other very large events. The design of the Mega Dome environment will be built in-house to begin with followed in the future by a 'no-code' system that uses a combination of templates and land building tools for players to build upon.

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