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Cornucopias Land

The Cornucopias Metaverse encompasses a network of floating bubbles, zones and domes which house virtual land. They can be owned by users as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the form of the Home Bubble, District Land Plots and Custom Domes.
Some domes have curated content built by the Cornucopias development team such as The Island, Themed Zones and The City to provide an engaging in-game experience and rewards.

Home Bubble

The Home Bubble; a hub, unique to each individual, where property and NFTs can be stored. All players are granted a free bubble which includes a plot of land with two trees and a hammock. The aim of the game is to expand and develop this space.

Themed Zones

The Themed Zones are immense, technologically advanced floating domes which encompass vast landscapes. Each zone has unique characteristics, style and backstory. Here, players can explore, socialize, discover quests and find adventure.
The zones will be split into districts where NFT Land is curated into plots and can be owned by players. These plots come in five sizes, with each size incrementally increasing the value and utility.

Mega Domes

Mega Domes are a lot larger than Custom Domes, some are smaller than Sectors some are bigger The Mega Domes are serve as venues for eSports and other very large events. The design of the Mega Dome environment will be built in-house to begin with followed in the future by a 'no-code' system that uses a combination of templates and land building tools.

The City

The City is a vast settlement house in an immense floating dome, split into districts. Each district will have its own unique theme with huge landscapes filled with skyscrapers, stadiums and parks for players to engage. Player-owned properties will come in the form of NFTs land and will be used for commerce or residential needs. There is a great opportunity for businesses to set up a commercial footprint in Cornucopias.

Custom Domes

The Custom Domes are large player-owned land NFT floating domes, which serve as venues for games and events.
The player designs the custom dome environment and builds its content using a combination of templates and land building tools. This can include race tracks, fortresses or stadiums.