Valley Raceworx T3

A "built-for-racing" NFT launched on 11th July 2023, part of the Flying Vehicle Series

The 2023 T3 by Valley Raceworx is a revolutionary flying super vehicle, blending high end sports vehicle aesthetics with advanced jet technology. It features an aerodynamic body, triple jet turbo exhausts, and an innovative fin for optimal stability and efficiency, ensuring an unparalleled flying experience. Inside, riders are greeted with a plush, high-tech cockpit with state-of-the-art controls. This novel venture marks Valley Raceworxโ€™s bold entry into the flying vehicle arena in Cornucopias, setting new benchmarks. Experience the perfect fusion of aggressive luxury and speed with the extraordinary 2023 T3.

The Valley Raceworx T3 is a flying vehicle that is used to travel from the Sector Hub to the Themed Zones or the City. It can also be used for racing and is a Racing Class A vehicle.

A snapshot of 0.286 @ 1200UTC on 10th July 2023 was used in calculating the price of the NFTs in ADA (โ‚ณ).

Maximum Supply: 4,500

Minted: 11th July - 12th July 2023

Mint Price: 262 ADA (โ‚ณ) ($75)

Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplace

Secondary Market

Policy ID: ba6015d1f4ba32815ce34831e9b033b1918a849931ae8b67cdeef74d

Colors and Rarities

  • Valley Orange - Common (45% rarity)

  • Pacific Blue - Uncommon (27% rarity)

  • Arctic White - Rare (18% rarity)

  • Sky Silver - Legendary (9% rarity)

  • Stealth Black - Mythic (1% rarity)


The Valley Raceworx T3 has the following utility within Cornucopias

  • It is a flying vehicle and is used to travel from the Sector Hub to the Themed Zones or the City.

  • It can be used for racing in a Mega Dome such as Calido Valley.

  • You will be able to rent your NFT to other players to play or race with.

  • You will be able to stake your NFT.

  • It looks great in the racing lobby and you will be able to show it off to other racers when they are waiting to race in the same racing lobby as you.

  • As an NFT, it will form part of your Cornucopias NFT collection.

  • You own the NFT asset and will be able to sell or trade it.

See also rarity colors

This was the first mint to use the new Corn Points system to ensure a fairer mint for Active and Long Term Community Members

The Valley Raceworx T3 Range

Valley Orange - Valley Raceworx T3 - Common - only 2,025 in existence

Pacific Blue - Valley Raceworx T3 - Uncommon - only 1,215 in existence

Arctic White - Valley Raceworx T3 - Rare - only 810 in existence

Sky Silver - Valley Raceworx T3 - Legendary - only 405 in existence

Stealth Black - Valley Raceworx T3 - Mythic - only 45 in existence

COPI Leaks

A deep dive into the Valley Raceworx - T3 can be seen in COPI Cafe Episode 58.

A concept version of the T3 was available to race at cNFTCon 2022 that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada - USA

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