Land Plot - Utility

What you build is up to you

Buildings can be placed on NFT Land Plots. Each building will have in-game utility, this means they provide in-game practical application and use cases beyond their initial valuation. For instance, a Blacksmith's Workshop, where players bring their raw materials and forge them into valuable items.

There will be a mixture of in-game buildings and player-owned NFT Buildings.

Build-and-Earn - Building Construction

Player-owned buildings can be constructed from raw materials. These buildings have a 'Blueprint'; this is a technical specification of the building showing the quantity of raw materials it requires to construct. This includes the quantity of wood, metal, glass, stone, bricks etc. The buildings and their 'blueprints' will be found (or later added) in the COPIWiki. The game will clearly indicate which type of building and the usage the blueprint represents.

If a player gathers the entire collection of raw materials they can construct the building into an in-game building or mint it as an NFT building (if available and applicable).

If an NFT has been minted, it can be utilized in-game and/or later sold onto other players.

Progressive and Dynamic Land Plots

Land plots will be both Progressive and Dynamic.

Progressive vs Dynamic NFTs - a progressive NFT is an asset that evolves over time as opposed to a Dynamic NFT where the NFT can be added to and taken away from altering the NFT quickly and sometimes drastically.

Progressive NFT - the land plot itself

As the land is "worked", its history will be stored on the blockchain database and will be known forever. Some buildings and assets will always remain on the land forever and some will be able to be destroyed and the raw materials re-used. If the land plot NFT is sold to another player they will be purchasing the history of the land plot as well as the land plot itself.

Some of the more common items constructed, crafted, manufactured and produced on the land plot will be stored in-game such as (and not limited to):

  • Raw materials

  • Common buildings

  • Common trees

  • Decorative objects such as lamp posts

  • Practical objects such as fences

Dynamic NFT - the major Utility Buildings

There will be buildings that require a lot of gathering and crafting to construct. This could take the player days or weeks to find the raw materials and mint into an NFT. Therefore, players have the option to purchase an NFT building from another player, and save time and effort in upgrading their land.

This could be seen as "pay-to-win" by some players but is actually a very positive part of the in-game economy. The ability for some players to put "sweat and effort" into crafting an asset and then being able to be rewarded for that effort is the perfect utility for an NFT. The "free trade market" will decide what that effort and asset is worth. Not all players have the time, effort or skill on their side, and the Cornucopias Metaverse economy will allow for all types of player to thrive.

Adding an NFT Building to a land plot will upgrade the utility of that land, however, the building is not tied to the land permanently. At any time the land owner can sell that NFT Building - making it dynamic.

Examples of possible Dynamic NFTs that can be placed on a land plot are:

  • Hotel

  • Bakery

Community Build-and-Earn

There are lots of building and asset blueprints that are very large and will require teams of players to gather raw materials, craft or construct using blueprints. There will be regular construction and crafting challenges where district community members will work independently and together, to source raw materials on behalf of their district in order to complete the community blueprint requirements.

The community blueprints will be sub-divided into smaller quotas, and players who are quick enough to collect a quota will be able to claim a portion of the overall build. When the raw materials of the blueprint have all been gathered, and if the challenge has not ended, the district will be able to construct the building (this will be done automatically by the game and information will be provided how this is done). This new building may be an NFT or it might not.

The community challenges will range in size and may form part of small or large events.

To enter the District Community Build-and-Earn challenge you must own or rent a property in a district. Some challenges (but not all) may be restricted to the community members within a particular district.

XP based Community Build-and-Earn

On completion of a building challenge, the players who participated in the challenge and filled a quota will be rewarded with XP points.

Examples of XP Based Community builds could be:

  • District Architecture Improvements e.g. lamp posts, bridges - to make travel easier/quicker etc.

  • District Utility Building Upgrades e.g. construct or upgrade a town hall which in turn offers more tasks for all the district community members

XP points earnt across the Cornucopias Metaverse (PC, Mobile, Racing League etc.) will play a pivotal role in the future for the players and land owners Play-and-Earn. This will be explained in detail in the future.

NFT based Community Build-and-Earn

Some community challenges will give players the ability to craft the blueprint into an NFT asset. The NFT may then be sold to players in-game via a fixed price or an auction.

The newly minted NFT may have a rarity (chosen at random) assigned to it, such as: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythic. If a rarity is assigned, the rarity might not be revealed until the NFT has been bought by the general public.

After the NFT sale, the proceeds of the sale will be divided between the players based on the quota they provided to the build.

A player can fill as many quotas as available if they are lucky enough to provide the raw materials in time.

If the District does not provide the raw materials in time to complete the blueprint the raw materials will be returned to the players who gathered them. When a new challenge begins the unsuccessful players may have enough raw materials already stored to enter their quota immediately for the new challenge!

There may be a small minting fee payable by each player when submitting their quota which would be returnable if their build is unsuccessful.

Some Community Challenges may have member entry restrictions. These will vary and be clearly explained before the challenge commences.

Examples of NFT based Community builds could be:

  • Refinery

  • Distillery

  • Other limited supply of buildings

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