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The city is a vast settlement for houses, shops, stadiums and all kinds of recreational and entertainment. It is set in an immense floating dome, split into sectors. Each sector will have its own unique theme with huge landscapes filled with skyscrapers, stadiums and parks for players to engage. Player-owned properties will come in the form of NFT land and will be used for commerce or residential needs. There is a great opportunity for businesses to set up a commercial footprint in Cornucopias.

The city will not be playable when the first version of the game is released.


The City will be a hub of activity with options to establish shops for players to engage in peer-to-peer commerce. These shops will be owned by real-world businesses and linked to real-world commodities. This means the city is the bridge between Cornucopias and the real-world.


There are many forms of traveling in the city from walking, running, riding on mounts, city public transport, taxis and player-owned vehicles.

Players will be able to get around the city districts via public transportation such as; buses, taxis, bikes, and subway.

COPI Leaks

An early city design concept - the city WILL NOT look like this.

The above video is an early city design concept - the city WILL NOT look like this.

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