Avatar Needs System

Avatar Needs System is a term that encapsulates a multitude of requirements the player has to fulfill in order to manage or optimize their avatar's physical abilities.

These systems are designed to reflect real life, and entail all the physical factors we as humans must deal with on a daily basis.

Physical abilities include:

  • Endurance and running speed

  • Weapon aim, focus, and control

  • The ability to hold breath underwater

The player must fulfill nutritional requirements. This entails a resource consumption system where the avatar must eat food items and stay hydrated in order to maintain or enhance sustenance. Some food and drink items will be more nutritious than others, which in turn creates a hierarchy of value amongst food items. This in-game function will create great demand for crops and livestock, effectively powering the farming industry.

Sleeping is an essential requirement the player must fulfill. This in-game function will recharge the avatar's body and mind. Sleeping is completed at a bed in a home bubble, land plot house, hotel, or campsite. This in-game function creates demand for buildings and rest points.

Weather conditions will affect an avatar's physical abilities. For instance, additional water will be required to stay hydrated in Sectors with a hotter climate. In addition, players are required to wear clothing to match their environment. For example, a winter coat when traversing natural landscapes in colder sectors. This in-game function will create demand for a variety of clothing items and help fuel the fashion industry.

Traditional games incorporate a basic health and stamina system. In contrast, Cornucopias is aiming to create an ambitious metaverse, adding additional layers of immersion and player management.

Avatars who engage in strenuous physical activity will find a greater need for these systems as their nutrition will be depleted at a much faster rate.

Some places to acquire food and drink include:

  • Growing food on farms - fruit and/or vegetables

  • Purchasing food at market stalls or other types of merchants

  • Purchase food/drink from vending machines

  • Foraging the natural landscape to pick fruit and vegetables to cook

  • Hunt, capture and cook wild game

  • Rewards of food for completing in-game tasks and activities

  • Trade food items with other players

It is possible for the avatar to faint if their energy is depleted. In this case, the avatar will be transported to a Medical Facility to recover.

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