Land Sector - Districts

The place where your daily tasks begin ..

Each Themed Zone Land Sector is subdivided into multiple districts which encompass player and non-player owned; houses, merchants, workshops, farms, and other utility buildings. Each district is a community where players can socialize, quest, craft equipment and trade.

Player Land Ownership

Player ownership of land plots is achieved through the acquisition of NFT Land.

District Membership

Players are free to enter and wander around all the districts in the themed zones. Players just visiting one of the zones will be capped on their Play-and-Earn potential. Becoming a member of the district community opens the door to enhanced Play-and-Earn rewards. To become a member of the district, a player can either buy a district property, or rent a bedroom in a district property owned by another player.

The District Community

The District gives the player a sense of community, and the player gives back to the District with their loyalty in the form of completing tasks.

This progress will be quantified into an overall district score. Working together with other members of the district will result in success and rewards for the district. This will open possibilities to improve district services.

The district score is tracked on the District Leaderboards. Each season the districts automatically compete against other districts and rewards are given to land owners and residents depending on how well the district fares.

District Economy

There will be various ways to earn income in a district primary coming from trade or services related to resources and crafting.

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