The Play-and-Earn mantra is central to the Cornucopias vision; To bring power and new economics to the player. By playing Cornucopias and its various in-game experiences the player will earn in-game virtual currency.

Over Seasons, players will be presented with a list of challenges to complete, with varying levels of difficulty. These challenges may include; resource collection, time trials, fishing, racing, map exploration and many many more. Upon successful completion of the challenges, players are entered into the Play-and-Earn reward pot. This is a daily quantity of in-game currency which is distributed among all successful players. For more information see the Tokenomics section.

Traditionally, development companies make profits while gamers only spend money on in-game assets that are trapped inside the game. In Cornucopias, players are rewarded with cryptocurrency for contributing to a free-to-play game. NFTs and in-game assets are owned and are available to sell and trade with other players.

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