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About the game

Cornucopias is a blockchain-based massive, multiplayer, open-world RPG built on Unreal Engine 5. Set in the breathtaking, technologically advanced, airborne world of ‘Cornucopias’ where players explore, build, trade, race, and more.
The vision is to bring freedom, power, autonomy, and new economics to the player. We aim to create a cutting-edge open-world gaming experience through immersive gameplay, an exciting story, exceptional artwork, and innovative economics.
Cornucopias leverages blockchain technology, providing players complete ownership and control over their digital assets, including in-game NFTs and the native token - $COPI. All of which garner real-world value that empowers users like never before.
The game world has been designed to be expanded upon as new features and functionality are released. Players can expect to find a world that continuously evolves with exciting new developments in the future.
Last modified 1mo ago