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The Cornucopias engineering and design team is made up of talent from all across the globe. Starting with a coalition of analysts, marketers and game developers from; The United States, The United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Europe and Africa.
The development strategy allows Cornucopias to build cutting edge software using whatever technology is suitable. This includes different technologies in tandem with each other enabling a limitless metaverse.
  • ​Launcher​
  • ​Host-and-Earn - Distributed Database - COPI Data Nodes​
  • ​Host-and-Earn - Unreal Engine Server Hosting - COPI Game Nodes​
  • Play-and-Earn API​
  • Build-and-Earn API
  • Learn-and-Earn API
  • Host-and-Earn API
  • Player Profile API
  • Blockchain API
  • NFT Viewer
  • Unreal Engine NFT Updates
  • Unreal Engine NFT Interactions
  • Building Tools
  • Much more to come...
Available World Wide, ‘The Island’ is built on the Unreal Engine 5 games suite which is compatible with the PC, Mobile Phone, Games Consoles and Smart TV’s, and is powered, governed and forever evolving thanks to a growing number of communities including blockchain, Unreal Game Developers, Unity Game Developers, Microsoft .Net Developers, 3D Artists, Modelers and general game enthusiasts.​