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Gameplay - Mobile

This section relates to the various Mobile Device Games built within the Cornucopias Metaverse


There are currently no Cornucopias Mobile games available to download. Please be aware of scammers and imposters.
We take development and testing very seriously and are not afraid to make tough decisions. During Public Testing of the Unity Mobile game it was clear the 2D game we were building did not meet branding and public expectations so we have decided to pause the development.
The game was very near to completion and may be re-introduced at a later date when the Cornucopias branding is well established and there are no more branding concerns.
Why build a Mobile Game?
The Cornucopias Metaverse is expanded upon with mobile gameplay.
There will be many mobile games developed for use on the Google Android and Apple iOS-based devices, i.e. mobile phones and tablets.
In developing the Unity Mobile game we have introduced lots of backend processes and learnt how to successfully test in public with controlled rollouts and public feedback.
This knowledge will be carried onto all other games we produce including the Metaverse Game.
Each mobile game will have some element of Play-and-Earn and will be integrated within the main Cornucopias metaverse.
Most of the mobile games will be able to be played as stand alone games without a PC account, but in some cases, some mobile games will be able to affect the PC version and vice versa.