Cornucopias Game World

Set in the fictional world of Cornucopias where humanity ascended from the Earth's surface, and has created a breathtaking new world in the sky. This fantastical realm is a system of floating islands, carved from the land we once called home, now encased in radically advanced Domes suspended high above the clouds. Each one is a futuristic marvel with its unique environment, identity, and thriving communities.

It is within these Domes the epic journey begins. Here, players take control of their avatar, which gives them the freedom to choose their destiny!

Roam vast landscapes, explore vibrant settlements, and engage in a myriad of activities such as crafting, commerce, combat, racing, and more.

Overall, players will find a complex and immersive universe that combines elements of a technologically advanced society and the natural magnificence of Earth. This harmonious convergence of futuristic wonders and the legacy of the old world creates an environment where every moment feels like a breathtaking adventure.

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