NFT2Tree Series 3

​The NFT2Tree, created in partnership with Veritree, is a unique and environmentally conscious way to bridge the gap between the metaverse and real-life.

The NFT2Tree Series 3 mint was a change from the previous "Fastest Finger First" mints and employed a short registration followed by a raffle (see below for more details).

With advanced anti-bot technology, the number of bots that participated in the mint was reduced.

Maximum Supply: 2,600​

Minted: Wednesday 10th August 2022​

Mint Price: 10 ADA​

Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplace​​

Secondary Market​

Policy ID: 4fc6c6639b26992d9b9d887ef1cb959fe8b33bc2bbde4b5afbeda28a

​Colors and Rarities

​The table below shares the rarity and distribution method

Good to know: The current NFT design has a Rarity Status, this is what is referred to in the chart below.​​

  1. Common - Accounts for 50% of all NFT batches​

  2. Uncommon - Accounts for 25% of all NFT batches

  3. Rare -Accounts for 15% of all NFT batches​

  4. Legendary - Accounts for 7.5% of all NFT batches​

  5. Mythic - Accounts for 2.5% of all NFT batches​


​The NFT2Tree has the following utility within Cornucopias:

  • One or more real-life trees will be planted around the world when the NFT is purchased and for ongoing second market sales.​

  • Additional benefits to NFT2Tree holders will be announced in the future.​

  • As an NFT, it will form part of your Cornucopias NFT collection.​

  • You own the NFT asset and will be able to sell or trade it.​


The following details were taken from a post shared on Discord before the NFT sale.

Mint Details

​Our Marketplace now has a new feature that allows for sale registration. For those of you that participated in our land sale, you may have noticed a bottleneck in performance on the queue entry (indicated by a spinning circle for some). This new feature is designed to mitigate the load on our server which will eliminate the bottleneck. We are essentially removing a massive number of users flooding a single point of entry all at once. In addition, this registration process will make it harder for bots to participate. Here is how it will work…

Prior to the sale, we will have a registration period in which a “register now” button will appear. This button will become available randomly for users at different times on the sale page. The minimum time eligible users will have to register is 5 minutes before the tier opens. ​

When the register button goes live on your screen, you can begin the registration process. On the first step you will be presented with all the essential information about the current NFT sale (price, transaction fee, recommended amount of ADA, etc.). ​

After confirming this information, you will proceed to step 2 of the registration process by clicking “register” at the bottom right corner of the popup. In step two of the registration, you will be signing the transaction with whichever wallet you choose to mint with. After signing the transaction, you will be prompted to complete a captcha. After successfully completing the captcha you will see a “registration successful” pop-up. At this point, all you need to do is wait for the sale to go live and you will be able to click “Enter Queue”, which will be a single click action, so no more frantically clicking through multiple steps and pasting in wallet passwords. ​

Raffle Window

The second feature we have added to our marketplace is a hybrid of both raffle/First Come, First Served. This was designed in mind for those that do not have access to blazing fast internet speeds. It’s also another measure to reduce the success of bot accounts. Here is how it works:​

Once the raffle window closes, the sale will proceed seamlessly on a First Come First Served basis. If the tier did not sell out during the raffle window, the remaining supply will be allocated as usual to entries based on when they arrived. ​

Please note that only 1 entry per user per sale tier is allowed. If we detect multiple entries, some or all of your entries will be disqualified.​

Use Cases

Let’s say the tier has 500 NFTs, opens at 15:00 UTC, and has a raffle window of 30 seconds. Entries that arrive between 15:00:00 and 15:00:29.999999, will be considered in the raffle window, and entries that arrive from 15:00:30 onward, will be in the First Come First Served portion. ​

If exactly 500 users submit valid entries in the raffle window, all entries will receive a successful reservation, and any entries arriving in the First Come-First Served portion will be unsuccessful.​

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