NFT - Seasonal Tenant Key

Each Themed Zone in Cornucopias will encompass district properties which have the ability to be rented by other players. When a player rents a property, they become the tenant of the property. The tenancy agreement with the property owner lasts for one season only, but a tenant will be able to renew their agreement before the next season starts.

To become a tenant a player must own a seasonal tenant key - this represents the tenancy agreement. The seasonal tenant key will be purchased in the form of an NFT and this will be used as proof of residency within Cornucopias.

After the season has completed the seasonal tenant key can be renewed (if the owner permits) within a limited timeframe to ensure the player can remain in their chosen property.

If the seasonal tenant key is not renewed within the given timeframe (and before the next season starts) then the NFT no longer plays a part in Cornucopias and will remain in your blockchain wallet as a souvenir of your time spent in Cornucopias.

Once you own a seasonal tenant key, you can become a resident of a district by staking your seasonal tenant key onto a district property.

Once a seasonal tenant key has been staked, it will remain staked for the rest of the season and cannot be changed to another property.

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