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NPC - Farmer Joe

Non Player Character (NPC)
Farmer Joe was the first ever character revealed to the world on October 11th 2021 and will forever be cherished. He was the first in-house built character the Cornucopias team built and introduced the art style we would build upon for the 1st version of Cornucopias.
Alongside Farmer Joe, Cornucopias showcased early development on the first Themed Zone, working titled: Life on the Farm. During this startup period the team had less than 10 members and as usual we were all working flat out to build the best game we could.
Before Farmer Joe, we had built a number of mini game prototypes using off-the-shelf characters from the Unreal Engine marketplace. This proved to be a great strategy for our bootstrapped, self-funded project (at the time) as it enabled us to get the concept of our metaverse across to early investors.
Joes Story as shared with early Investors in September 2021

Dev Shorts

The First Ever Video that Farmer Joe appeared in
Farmer Joe sees Abigale and Clyde the Horse for the First Time
Early gameplay footage shared on an AMA back in November 2021

COPI Leaks

Concept ideas and early art work for Farmer Joe.

Below is an early prototype for an older-looking Farmer Joe, an art style we quickly abandoned

Early prototype for an art style we quickly abandoned