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Blockchain Token Bridge
ChainPort create bridges between blockchains, and aim to turn fragmented crypto spaces into a unified universe.
ChainPort's technology leverages smart contracts to port tokens between blockchains formerly locked inside a monochain environment that prevents interchain exchanges.
The Cornucopias $COPI token was first launched on the Binance Smart Chain on 10th December 2021 and from almost day 1 Cornucopias have been working with ChainPort working on a bridge to allow the transfer of the $COPI Token from Binance to Cardano and vice versa. The ultimate goal to have the $COPI token on multiple Layer 1 chains for maximum Utility for the Cornucopias Metaverse.
On 31st October 2022 the Binance to Cardano bridge was finally opened after 9 months of development. There were some delays due to the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork and external audits and checks from various parties including IOHK but overall it was a huge success for Cornucopias and the Cardano & Binance blockchains.
Astonishingly, over 45 million $COPI tokens were bridged from the Binance Smart Chain to Cardano within the first 24 hours!
The full press releases can be read here..