Stake-and-Earn - Properties

Players can earn rewards for staking specific NFTs and locking them to another NFT.


In each Themed Zone there are districts that contain land plots that can be owned by players.

Districts are given daily rewards based on the performance of its residents. Those rewards are then split into two reward pots (see Tokenomics).

  • District land property owners reward pot.

  • District tenant rewards pot.

Land Property Owners

Land property owners receive a percentage of the district's rewards based on the number of tenants they have. To become a property owner in a district you will need to purchase a land property NFT.

For example, if the entire district has 80 residents and a single property contains 10 residents, then that individual land property owner will receive 12.5% of the district land rewards pot. As follows:

Formula = Individual Land Property Owner Rewards = Total District Residents divided by Individual Property Tenants.

Example individual land property owner rewards = (100 / 80) * 10 = 12.5% of the total district land rewards pot.

Property Levels

The property on an individual piece of land can be upgraded to increase the number of tenants in that property. This also has the effect of increasing the potential population of a district.

How to become a Tenant of a Property

To become a resident of a district, you must first find a property within a district that has room to rent. This will be done via a property web portal that will be found on the Cornucopias main website.

Once located you will be able to use the onscreen web interface to stake your Seasonal Tenant Key NFT to that chosen property. More details will be provided on the Cornucopias property web portal.

Property Tenants

Property tenants also receive a percentage of the district's rewards. To become a tenant of a property you will need to purchase a seasonal tenant key NFT that is up to date.

For example, if the entire district has 80 residents, then the tenant will receive 1.25% of the district's tenant rewards pot. As follows:

Formula = Individual Tenant Rewards = 100% divided by Total District Tenants.

Example individual tenant rewards = (100 / 80) = 1.25% of the total district tenant rewards pot.

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