Episode 95 - Sink Holes!

In COPICafe Episode 95 titled "Sink Holes!", the hosts Josh Jones and Rob Greig discuss the advancements in their open world MMO project, Cornucopias.

The team is excited about a new tool, the nodes reward calculator, which provides transparency on potential rewards based on the number of nodes sold.

They also mention updates to the build process, including an automated system for increased efficiency.

The team is working on publishing the Land Rewards Deck and testing infrastructure with Amazon.

They hand-place land plots in Solace and introduce a new team member, Catherine, an environment artist. They discuss creating sinkholes and points of interest in Solace, enhancing realism with visual elements, and Catherine shares her positive work experience.

  • 00:00:00 In this section the speakers discuss the open world MMO game, Cornucopias, and its unique features. They introduce the viewers to the game's floating islands, each with its own environment and thriving communities. The hosts then talk about the nodes reward calculator, which was developed by one of the team members using chat GPT. The calculator allows players to see the daily and annual rewards based on the number of nodes sold. The team is excited about this tool, as it provides transparency and clarity for the community. They also mention some updates to the build process and introduce a special guest for a Q&A session.

  • 00:05:00 In this section the speakers discuss the node calculator tool that was designed to help users estimate potential rewards for running nodes in the COPI Node Network. The tool takes into account the number of active nodes and the number of nodes owned by the user. For the first year, there is a fixed allocation of 26 million COPI tokens for active node runners. Node operators can have up to four delegates, and each delegated node gives one COPI per day reward. The delegation rewards are in addition to the outlined node rewards. The calculator is a useful tool for understanding potential rewards, but it's important to note that rewards will change in future phases as they will be dependent on the node's actual up-time and data serving. The team is currently testing the system on Linux and Windows, and those who register within the first month of July will receive full rewards. If users sell their NFTs during this period, the rewards will go to the new owner. The NFTs will be delivered on July 1st 2024, and the reward period will begin, with rewards being distributed at the end of the period.

  • 00:10:00 In this section the speakers discuss the automated builds process and its recent implementation. Previously, someone had to manually initiate the build process each time, taking team members away from their computers. The automated build system allows the build to start in the background, creating significant efficiencies and maximizing team productivity. Additionally, the team is working on publishing a new Land Rewards Deck, which will reveal the rewards for providing infrastructure in Cornucopias and how land owners can earn them. The infrastructure for the game, including hosting and scaling of Cornucopias servers, is being tested and refined with the help of Amazon, who have been responsive and supportive partners.

  • 00:15:00 In this the speaker discusses the ongoing process of hand-placing land plots in the game within Solace, a milestone that has required a lot of effort from the team. 8,000 of the 24,000 land plots, belonging to Solace, are being placed manually in the Themed Zone. The speaker also introduces a special guest, Catherine, an environment artist who previously worked on a Disney short film and has now joined the team. Catherine shares her background and reveals that she is from Quebec, Canada, adding to the cultural diversity of the team. The speaker also mentions that Catherine brought a Canada raspberry lemonade for the recording, leading to a light-hearted exchange about accents and cultural differences on the team.

  • 00:20:00 In this section the speaker introduces community members from various backgrounds and discusses the benefits of having a diverse team. Catherine mentions her love for survival games and open-world games, which inspire her to create discoverable moments in her work. She has been a part of the team for about four months and enjoys the forward pipeline, which has improved communication and streamlined the production process. She also discusses the importance of having strong workflows and tools in place to enable a team of environment artists to work together effectively.

  • 00:25:00 In this section Catherine discusses her experience working on creating sinkholes in the game and the process behind it. The creator shares that she wanted to create unique and memorable sinkholes for players, requiring them to search for entrances and adding elements of surprise. As an environment artist, she takes example artwork and crafts new assets to fit the overall vision. Catherine also mentions using real-life references and her photographic memory to replicate the look of sinkholes. The sinkholes lead to unreachable areas, with only tunnels as entry and exit points, adding to the challenge and fun for players.

  • 00:30:00 In this section the creators discuss their design process for adding points of interest, such as caves and hidden views, in their game. They aim to create depth and immersion by making these discoveries feel hidden and unique, providing players with a sense of exploration and enjoyment. The team draws inspiration from nature and geological studies to create accurate and visually appealing landscapes. They also utilize Unreal Engine's weather systems and day-night cycle to add an extra layer of immersion and surprise for players.

  • 00:35:00 In this section the speaker discusses the realistic and mood-setting visual elements in the game, such as foggy weather and forest scenes. They share personal experiences of encountering foggy mornings during fly fishing trips in Colorado. The team is also adding new details to the game, including tree roots and fallen trees, to enhance the realism. The speaker expresses their appreciation for the team's passion and positive culture at Cornucopias, which contributes to a strong and inspired workforce.

  • 00:40:00 In this section Catherine shares her positive experience working at the company. She mentions that the work environment is more family-oriented and problem-free compared to other places. Catherine also expresses her appreciation for the team's culture and the importance of maintaining a productive level while keeping a family feel. The team aims to deliver on a large vision while ensuring open communication and trust among team members. Catherine expresses her gratitude for being part of the team and looks forward to future collaborations. The conversation then shifts to discussing the node reward dashboard in development, which provides important information for node holders and requires registration to qualify for rewards.

  • 00:45:00 In this section the speakers discuss the impending pause in the node sale. With only a few weeks left before the sale ends, they encourage viewers to purchase nodes as soon as possible. The reason for the pause is to deliver NFTs and node rewards to buyers, as well as to test and further develop the node technology. The speakers also mention that they want to involve the community sooner and avoid keeping people waiting for their rewards. Additionally, they announce that more team members will be joining COPI Cafe in the coming weeks, and they plan to introduce external speakers and other influencers to the community.

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