COPI File Node

With each new release of Cornucopias, the game files will continue to grow in size. Initially, all game downloads came through the game launcher via a centralized server. In some cases full game downloads can take up to an hour or more (depending on the playerโ€™s internet connection and hardware). These are common issues with a lot of popular games today.

With COPI File Nodes, the distributed infrastructure will not only speed up download speeds for many players, it will also remove the single point of failure that is common with centralized servers.

With a distributed network that the COPI File Nodes are part of, you can lose a percentage of the nodes and still continue to serve files and data from the remaining nodes, making this an extremely reliable solution.

Once active, the game launcher will be able to use a new algorithm to download small game chunks from the many nodes at once using the decentralized COPI Node Network. The player-owned and run peer-to-peer COPI Node Network transfers the game files in small encrypted chunks and verifies when they arrive that they have not been tampered with or are corrupt. Once all the chunked files have been downloaded, the game files are reassembled and verified again. This process is much more reliable and scalable compared to the current centralized delivery method.

COPI File Node Rewards

COPI File Nodes require an NFT license to run. This establishes the player as a COPI File Node operator and allows their PC to participate in decentralized Cornucopias File Node Network.

In return for hosting one or more COPI File Nodes, players are rewarded with $COPI tokens and/or other rewards. Rewards are be based on various factors including the up-time and the delivery performance of the COPI File Node.

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